Our Vision for Learning in Custody for the Future, Transforming Offenders' Lives

The College has worked successfully with offenders both in custody and the wider community for over 25 years. We have delivered and worked in partnership with a range of prisons and locations, enabling our learners to improve their personal skills and self-belief, whilst developing the skills needed to help them settle in to prison life or resettle on release.

Currently, we deliver the Offender Learning and Skills Service in 28 prisons across the Midlands and in the South of England, we work with MTC Novo to deliver the in-custody Community Rehabilitation Services in the Thames Valley and we also deliver library services in custody.
During this delivery period, we have worked with our prison service partners to develop individualised programmes of learning that lead to a range of positive outcomes. To support these outcomes, we have focussed on particular aspects of the service, including increased use of Additional Learning Support to help learners achieve who may otherwise be disadvantaged for a number of learning reasons, and the development and expansion of our Employment Academy model, developed in partnership with employers, to deliver training that meets these employers’ needs and leads to real jobs on release.
Our vision is for the College and learning:

  • To be at the heart of the prison through a ‘one prison’ approach, where learning is an inspiring and transformational process enabling progress to employment, further learning and successful resettlement on release
  • To enable prisoners to be inspired to achieve and progress
  • To provide a range of clear and accessible learner pathways across the prison and through the gate

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