MK College's education provision at HMP Gartree maintains Good at Ofsted

MK College’s provision at HMP Gartree maintained its ‘Good’ Ofsted result at its inspection in November 2017, published in March.

Fri 8 Jun 2018 - posted by Chelsea

Ofsted described the educational and vocational training provision from Milton Keynes College as good, and the range and level met the needs of learners. The report described the appointment of two advanced practitioners to support and mentor teachers having contributed considerably to improvements in quality.

The additional appointment of a specialist functional skills practitioner had also been instrumental in increasing the standards of teaching in English and maths, and in improving achievements in these subjects for all groups of prisoners.

The process for feedback was also highlighted as good practice in the report: ‘Prison and college managers regularly sought prisoners’ views on the suitability of the curriculum in relation to their needs. Their curriculum needs analysis made good use of prisoner feedback to provide a diverse curriculum that included opportunities for prisoners to study a range of GCSE subjects, as well as work in the prison gardens and in catering, laundry and cleaning.’

Congratulations to the team at HMP Gartree and thank you for your continued hard work.

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