Sean secures employment with RMF

Sean had served numerous stints in prison during his adult life. While serving a sentence at HMP Bullingdon he expressed an interest in the RMF Step Into Construction course.

Thu 14 Jun 2018 - posted by Chelsea

Initially, Sean put in an application asking to be considered for the course where he had expressed his desire to gain a CSCS card to get into work and not reoffend.

At interview, Sean initially came across quiet and laid back which made the team question his suitability for the course. He also stated that he did not like education at all which was a concern. 

However, he started to open up more about his life and his reasons for wanting to learn. At 53, he had adult children of his own and wanted to do something different with his life to make them proud.

Sean’s confidence grew and he flew through the course and would offer support to those that needed it, despite him being ‘not keen on education’. As he was older than the rest of the group he was a calming influence for the rest of the men which helped with their learning experience.

Sean passed all elements of the course including his CSCS test.  Due to his impact in the classroom, the tutor from RMF also asked him to be the classroom assistant for the next cohort, which he was very proud of and continued to help the next group of learners offering guidance, support and encouragement along the way. During his time as a classroom assistant, Sean received some bad news that his stepson had passed away from a drugs overdose, which was a very testing time. However, Sean still came down every morning and afternoon to help in the class, which showed that he really wanted to make a difference.

Upon release, Sean made contact with Natasha from the Employment Academy team and RMF and is now successfully working on site as a labourer. He started in May and is getting on very well. He is proud of what he has achieved and that his family can now be proud of him too.  He said that ‘he will never go back to prison’.