Tutor at HMP Whatton impressing many learners with his ability to build their confidence and self-belief

Learners at HMP Whatton have written all about the difference their tutor has made to their self-belief and confidence in their abilities.

Fri 6 Jul 2018 - posted by Chelsea

Learner 1

“Andy gave me trust in teaching me all about the course and taught me so much which meant a lot to me as I am a very timid quiet person who has no self-confidence and always believed I was thick!

“Andy’s ways of teaching and breaking things down was above and beyond. He knew just how much I needed to understand what was being asked.

“At least once a week Andy asked me how things were going and helped reach targets set out.  All aspects of what was covered in the course were broken down to what could be achieved in the employment market.

“My great results at the end of my course showed me than I can be taught by the right person and I just wish I had Andy for all my early education as then I may have left school with something rather than nothing. To sum up Andy, he’s a super person, has the patience of a saint, is a fantastic teacher, has loads of people skills and is someone I now hold in high regard.”


Learner 2

“Although this was a new area of learning for me – at age 74 – Andy is very good at expressing confidence in me and my abilities.

“He kept me moving onwards and upwards regarding exercises and new projects. Always discussed previous exercises and errors so I was clear on these before moving on.

“Andy is obviously very knowledgeable regarding his subjects and get over the main points in a friendly and uncondescending manner.

“He has made my ‘new’ learning experience – in a controlled situation – as pleasurable as it could be – which is an achievement in itself. His knowledgeable expertise, experience in an affable and polite manner is the most effective way to teach in a prison environment in my opinion.”


Learner 3

“Andy has made me believe in my abilities which has helped me in my studies. Andy is always willing to demonstrate where I went wrong and instead of showing me the answer, he guides me to work the problem out on my own merits, thus improving my understanding of the subject.

“Andy gives regular feedback on my achievements and allows me to do extra exercises to further boost my capabilities in the subject.

“Andy really does know all there is to know about business finance and related subjects. He is very understanding if a mistake is made and puts you at ease and helps you to find the solution to correct the error.

“Andy is always polite from the moment I arrive to the end of the lesson. He allows you to work at your own pace and is always there if you need help or advice. He is professional and also puts everyone at ease.”


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