Sally Alexander

Sally has worked in Offender Learning for 24 years, supporting learners both in custody and in the community, to develop their learning and skills, address their offending behaviour and to support them on a pathway to resettlement on and after release.

As a qualified teacher, Sally began working with learners as a lecturer in custody in 1992 at HMP Bullingdon, a large training prison in Oxfordshire. Sally soon progressed to become the Education Manager at HMP Bullingdon, before moving on to Executive Director of OLASS at MK College, responsible for delivering education and employment opportunities for offenders, both in custody and the community.

During this time, Sally has also supported the College in a range of provision including Education Training and Employment Service (ETE) programmes, Job Centre Plus (JSP) programmes, community outreach provision, European Social Fund (ESF) provision and working with people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETS).

In 2012, the College was successful in its bid to deliver learning and skills in custody, in 3 of the 10 regions in England (the West Midlands, East Midlands and South Central regions) and has since also won the sub contract to work with MTC Novo in Thames Valley and London to deliver the custody provision of the Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC) offer.

Currently, MK College work with an average of 25,000-30,000 learners a year on a range of programmes, designed to support them with their learning, and guide them on their future pathways within custody, with a committed focus on supporting their resettlement upon release. As a result, the College has a strong emphasis on Employer engagement, working in partnership with a range of local, regional and national employers through their Employment Academy model, to design programmes of learning that both meet employer and learner needs.