At Milton Keynes College, through the quarterly OLASS and Employment Academy newsletters, we celebrate our learners accompishments across the prisons we work with; from the acheivements in the Education Departments, to the successes of the Employment Academies; highlighting good practices and triumphs of staff and learners alike. 

Find our handy links to important offender learning reports and documents below:

Out for Good - Prison Reform Trust – July 2017

Prison & Courts Bill – Feb 2017

Review of the youth justice system – Charlie Taylor Report – Dec 2016

What is Prison Education for? A theory of change exploring the value of learning in prison – Prison Learning Alliance - Jun 2016

Unlocking Potential A review of education in prison - Dame Sally Coates - May 2016

SIR Interim Dashboard - Offender Learning – 2015

International perspectives on prison education: reducing reoffending

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons annual report: 2014 to 2015

Learning for Women in Prison – Learning & work institute

Improving access to offender learning in the community

Making Prisons Work: Skills for Rehabilitation

Inspecting learning and skills training for people in custody